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The GED Social Studies test will test your ability to answer questions about US history, US government and civics, economics and geography.  It will also test your ability to read and interpret graphs, charts, political cartoons, and historical texts.  The test will be administered on a computer and will have many question types beyond just multiple-choice, including a written essay.

The purpose of this program is to help you study for the test and become familiar with the content you need to know to do well.  Each section contains multiple choice practice questions similar to those you may see on the GED test.

To learn more about question types, use the "About the Test" section to the right.  To learn about the content of the test, use the other sections:  Civics and Government, US History, Economics and Geography.  Each of these sections contains information to study and practice questions to answer.

Click here to download a printer-friendly (pdf) version of the terms and texts of the site as a study guide.